Get notified on Slack when you have new attendees

Would you like to be notified when new people sign up to attend your event? 

This app developed by Frédéric Camblor (4sh company), an avid user of our services, will notify you via Slack messaging, every time you make a new sale.

Here is the link to the github repository:

You too can install Frederic’s solution for free in your organisation, using Cloud services. 

To do so, you will need:

- A small Cloud-based MongoDB database, e.g. a free sandbox from mongolab

- A Cloud server that can support NodeJS, e.g. a Free Heroku account

- A CRON job that will call your app at regular intervals, e.g CronDash set at 5mins intervals

Feel free to get in touch with him on Twitter @fcamblor and suggest improvements.

#DREAMCODE If you have developed your own app using our API, share it and get in touch with us at - we have a surprise for you! :)

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