How to add custom tracking code

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This page lists what you need to add a custom tracking code. First of all, please check that you are not using a solution that you can set-up yourself by reading our article on tracking visits.

If you are using a solution that isn’t integrated to Weezevent, your service provider will need to give you a tracking code to be added to your ticketing pages. 

For each code, you need to specify these steps:

  • dates (choice of session, if session mode is on)
  • tickets (ticket types)
  • form (contact details entry)
  • payment (payment data entry)
  • confirmation (confirmation display)

Your code can relate to one or more steps. However, no other formulation will be accepted so as to prevent integration errors.

Finally, if the code added to a confirmation step includes variables, they should use the below labels: 

  • {{ transaction_id }}: unique reference of the transaction
  • {{ number_of_product }}: number of orders
  • {{ amount }}: the total amount of the transaction (decimal value)

Important: Any code given without specifying the steps or with invalid variables increases the risk of error and therefore the length of integration of your tracking code.


Code 1 (to be included on tickets, form, payment, confirmation):

<img src="" width="1" height="1" />

Code 2 (to be included in confirmation email):

<img src="{{ transaction_id }}" width="1" height="1" />

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