Preparing my custom-designed minisite

A design fit for your branding applied to a trendy website 

Delivery within 3-5 working days - No change can be made once live

To host your ticketing or your cashless module on a webpage in your branding, why not choose a custom-made minisite! A single page (3 - 6 sections), accessible for all devices will include the name of your event, your logo, a description and Weezevent’s ticketing module. 

Elements to provide

Logo event name logo file.png Optional
Banner banner file.png1365 x 528 px on transparent background Optional
Background image file or background.png2000 x 1400 px Mandatory
Main colour (sidebar and titles)  #000000 format  Mandatory
Secondary colour (buttons and active page)  #000000 format  Optional 

Please note: Pictures must weigh less than 500 Ko.

Sharing your minisite on social media

Title 120 characters max  Mandatory
Introductory text 300 characters  Optional
Image shared file.png 1200 x 650 px Mandatory

Please note: Pictures must weigh less than 500 Ko.

A few examples from our event planners

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