How to add a multi-event widget to my website

Ordering a new website is the perfect opportunity to improve your relationship with your audience. Make sure you don’t forget your ticketing! If you design your website with our solutions in mind, you will see the difference. 

1. Ticketing page

We strongly recommend you dedicate a website page to your online ticketing. 

1.1 Your module

Weezevent’s multi-event sales module is an iFrame widget. 

Your sales module’s iFrame code can be directly generated from your Weezevent interface by clicking on the Tools menu on the top-right of your screen, then on Modules.

Definition of each icon:
- eye: allows you to view your widget once you have chosen your settings
- </>: helps you retrieve the i-frame code to be added to your website
- star wheel: edits the widget settings (name, colour, width, height, etc.)
- bin: deletes the widget

NB : you can only integrate one multi-event widget on a same web page, so that no integration issues arise 

1.2 Width

Absolute minimum: 550px
Recommended minimum: 800px
Example at 955px:
Example at 900px:
Example at 800px:

1.3 Height

We recommend that you don’t limit the height (our widget must be allowed to push the bottom of the page downwards).
The widget height settings are accessed by clicking on the star wheel. 

1.4 Colour

On Weezevent, you can customise the widget’s background colour and main colour by clicking on the star wheel.

1.5 Content

If you can, leave this page as blank as possible because:
- the higher the sales module is positioned on the page, the more sales you’ll make
- as the module can be very long, any information placed below may not get read.
=> 1 title + 1 Weezevent module and you’re good to go.

1.6 Page background 

You should use a website background that fades - at the bottom - into the default background colour, because the module - and therefore the page itself - can be very high, up to 3000 px.
Here is a good example: (the background image fades into the black background at the bottom of the page)

2. Landing page

We recommend that you make accessing the ticketing page as clear and easy as possible. Here are 2 options you can combine: 

1 - A TICKETING title in the top menu (essential)

2 - A BOOK YOUR TICKETS image link on the right or left hand side (optional)

3. Concert pages

The web user should be able to purchase their tickets directly after reading the event info. Here are 2 ways to enable this: 

1 - A BOOK NOW or BUY YOUR TICKET identical link on each concert page
Benefit: the URL stays the same so there is nothing left for you to do once your website is live.  
Downside: buyers can find it difficult to locate their chosen show once they land on the TICKETING page

2 - A 650 x 600 space where you add a module for this specific event
You need to be able to add an iFrame code yourself to each page. 
Benefit: no one gets lost, your conversion rate is at its best
Downside: it will require a bit more work for you, meaning a copy and paste for each new show. 

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