Preparing my Premium minisite

Design a modern website aligned with your brand

Ready in 3-5 working days - No change once the website is live

To host your ticketing or cashless module on a web page designed in your branding, choose our Premium mini-site! One page (2 sections), looks good on any device, includes the title of your event, your logo, a description and the Weezevent module.

Example: https:/

What you need to provide

The URL you want, i.e.

Home section

Logo title event logo file.png 1030 x 830 px  Optional 
Large title event 100 characters max Mandatory
Text ticketing button 30 characters max Mandatory
Background image background file.png 1800 x 1250 px Mandatory
Main colour (sidebar and titles)  format #000000 Mandatory
Secondary colour (buttons and active page)  format #000000 Optional  

Important: Pictures must be under 500Ko.

Ticketing/registration section

Title 150 characters max  Mandatory
Introduction text Short paragraph Optional 
Registration/Ticketing module or cashless module Single or multiple event(s) or cashless Provide the code redeemed from your management dashboard Mandatory

Sharing the mini-site on social media

Title 120 characters max  Mandatory
Introduction text 300 characters Optional 
Image Sharing file.png 1200 x 650 px Mandatory

Important: Pictures must be under 500 Ko.

Some examples from our event planners

Booking module Single event module Multi-events module

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