Direct debit from Weezevent

A debit on behalf of "Weezevent-Commerce Electronic Tickets" or "Weezevent France Dijon Tickets" or "Cashless Weez" appears on your bank statement and you don't know what it is?

You have certainly:
- Bought a ticket by our solution
- Participated in an event where we provide the cashless solution (dematerialized payment)

Weezevent offers an electronic ticketing solution for a variety of events (conferences, festivals, concerts, trade shows, workshops, shows, etc.).

One way to find this order is to scan your mailbox on the debit date of your account or by doing a research on the word Weezevent.
Nevertheless, if you don’t find this order, you can send an email to specifying:
- your name and first name
- the email address used for your online purchases
- the exact date and time of the transaction (ask your bank for this information)
- the type of card used
- the debit name that appears on your bank statement

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